Velvet Rock Apps is a small start-up based in the UK. Having developed well over 20 apps since early 2010 we decided it was time to change our approach and use the knowledge and experience we had gained over the last few years.


We looked long and hard at our apps currently available on the App Store and decided that the quality and user experience wasn’t up to the new standards we had set ourselves so we pulled the lot! In essence we started all over again but this time around we had far more experience, we had learnt a huge amount and we were only interested in developing the best apps we could.


Our new approach is to have just a few apps on the App Store that offer a great user experience, the type of apps that we hope you use on a daily basis. Apps that we continue to update and make even better as time progresses. Having people like yourself use them as part of your daily routine, that’s our measure of success.

All our apps now go through public beta testing before being released in the wild, that way we know we've tried our very best to ensure bugs are kept to a minimum and that the user experience, along with the look and feel, is up to a standard we can be proud of. With that said we’re only human and as with all software development bugs might sneak past us unknowingly but our aim is to fix them as soon as possible and turn around updates quickly to ensure the best user experience.


If you would like to be one of our beta testers for upcoming releases as well as updates to our current apps, click here.

We know the best way to make improvements to our apps is to listen to you, so if you have any ideas for future improvements or would like to see something added we would love to know. We can’t promise that every idea will be implemented but we’ll certainly try our best. You can suggest your ideas on the ‘Support’ page.

We have a long road ahead of us but we strongly believe that our future approach is a solid one. Developing the best apps we can and not rushing anything to market that we feel is not ready and most importantly listening to you as our customer.


The first release with our new found approach is Notesero, an app we will continue to add features to in the coming months. Version 1.0 is for iPhone but we will be working on a Mac and iPad version too, in fact we knew from the outset we wanted to develop Notesero for all devices so the iPhone version has already been developed with that in mind. Core Data and iCloud is at its foundation for seamless syncing across devices once we release versions for Mac and iPad.


We’re incredibly excited about the new way forward and we’d love you to join us on our journey.

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