Saturday, 9th April, 2016

It's taken a while but we decided it was time to start a blog. In this blog we'll not only be able to keep you up-to date with the all  the things we have in the pipeline as well as upcoming updates, but we'll also be tackling other subjects too related to the app world. So with that said we thought we could kick off with talking about the app business!


Contrary to popular belief, developing an app and putting it on the App Store does not make you an instant millionaire! In fact, the assumption that you make vast amounts of money from app development couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes of course there are a handful of developers that make good money but for most, it’s a huge amount of work and dedication for very little return.


So why is that?

Well, initially when the App Store first launched there were a limited number of apps, the chance of being found was high, the indie developer had a good amount of exposure amongst other things. Over the years more and more apps appeared, the larger development studios decided it was time to join the craze and started developing apps too, realising there could be good revenue in such a market. The rest is pretty much history!


Now with over a million apps on the App Store and the big fish mainly dominating the market space with huge marketing budgets the little guy has been pushed to one side. In fact, even Apple has helped in some respects to push the indie developer into an uphill struggle. They recently changed the App Store layout so that new apps no longer appear in the various categories, which in turn also makes it harder for the consumer to find the latest releases. It’s also worth considering the race to the bottom which developers need to shoulder the blame for too. Developing an app takes a huge amount of knowledge, many hours of hard work, late nights and more often than not pulling ones hair out due to tracking down bugs!


In the early days apps would cost a sensible amount of money, but developers decided to undercut each other and within a very short period of time apps were given away for free and that’s not a great business model! However the knock on effect was much worse, many consumers now have an expectation that apps should be free or cost very little and it’s certainly not the consumers fault but rather the developer community.


There are many more reasons to list but it’s a topic in itself and outside the scope of this blog post but rest assured that app development and software development as a whole is not as easy as many people assume.


So why do we do it?

Because we want to create something great, we want to get our creation into people’s hands and have them use it and love it. Being able to start with a blank canvas, an idea that’s triggered in the imagination that takes shape into something real. It’s a lot of hard work but having people use the very app you created is what drives the developer. Getting great feedback, emails and comments from users gives the developer a great sense of satisfaction and knowing that someone, anywhere in the world can download and interact with your app.


That's not to say developers can work for free, they still have to live, feed themselves and their families etc but it's no walk in the park and as time ticks on, it will only get harder. App development can be a rewarding prospect but only for those that can survive the numerous knock backs, you know the saying - When the going gets tough.....

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