Password protect individual

folders and keep your notes

safe from prying eyes.


Notesero supports Touch ID

so you can quickly access

your folders without typing

a password.

Jennifer B.


Search all your notes quickly

with instant results appearing

as you type, or if you prefer

search inside individual

folders to find the note

you’re looking for.

‘I love the interface, it’s really easy to use and it’s as

smooth as silk’

Notesero doesn’t limit the

way you organise your notes

and folders, just simply drag

and drop.


Gone are the days of only

organising in date order or

an alphabetical list.

All your notes and folders

are seamlessly backed up

to iCloud.


Buy a new iPhone and you

can be confident in the

knowledge that all your

notes will appear on your

new device just as you

left them.

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